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Aug 23, 2014
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I'm now seeing options in the Google My Business dashboard for certain industries. Under the Services tab, there are now services listed that you can select, very similar to attributes:


Some industries have the options to add custom services only like this one:


Are you guys seeing this as well?

Seeing the same thing. We have the options to add custom services only like the screen shot you provided.
I've only seen the first one thusfar on storage facilities and plumbers. I'm looking for more industries that have it.
I was able to recreate your findings for plumbers. Checked only a few other industries but didn't see it.
Oddly enough. my coworker and I are both owners on the same business profile. He can see suggested options (like the first example), but I can only see the old services option (add section, add item, etc). His messing with the new options seems to have wiped out the services we had imputed previously as it's completely blank when I look at it. Not sure what's going on there.
For reference, the industry is wood floor refinishing.
@KymM I'm experiencing that as well. Since it's a new feature it's typical for different users to not be able to access it.
Not seeing that for my wife's real estate biz. Still see the old add section/add item stuff.
Don't see it for any of my clients. I have clients in these categories:
Plumbers/HVAC, lawyers, locksmith, painter, real estate, vacation rental, university, day camp, chamber of commerce, tour guide
Nice find, @JoyHawkins. It seems the new "services" comes in two varieties:

1. The "attributes"-like thing you highlighted for the plumber. So far, in the GMB accounts I've got, I only see that for a garage-door company and a dog trainer.

2. A perfect reflection of the categories. (as in the example of the music school). I see this in GMB for an anesthesiologist, several dentists, a hypnotist, and a couple of others. I know the "services" are auto-populated based on the categories because I added an additional category to a GMB page and that instantly showed up verbatim as a suggested "service."

I'm not seeing either of those in GMB dashboards where we'd fleshed out the "services" fields. Those seem unchanged.
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I'm seeing this for a dermatologist brand across all their locations and their practitioner listings.

Seems from this update you can only add services under their business categories whereas before it was unrelated to their business categories.

Categories that have it:
Propane/Oil Company
Wedding Venue
Corporate Retreat Venue
Home Cinema
Home Automation
Audio Visual
Swimming Pool Contractor

One strange thing: I have one photographer that had no services filled in that suddenly has these options. I have another that I had filled in Services for that doesn't have these additional options. Wonder if I should try deleting them and see if I get Google's options instead?

Interestingly, my preschool and daycare gives you the primary categories but no services. Same with my DJ Service, Attorney, home cinema, home automation, audio visual, Swimming pool contractor and Propane/Oil Company

Not seen for any "Personal Injury Lawyer" or "Lawyer" category clients in Canada in the Agency Dashboard.
Don't see it for a plumber client here in Canada - on my back end, nor on client's GMB back end... yet :)
I'm seeing options to add custom services for our Pharmacies, Gas Stations, and a Restaurant in our Deli's.
Mine is completely different. I am an electrician and under Services mine only gives me the option to add Sections and Items.

I labelled the Section "Electrical Work" and added the Item (which seems like a service, but Google calls it an item).

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 8.50.55 AM.png
I'm seeing "custom services" available for "Security System Supplier" and relevant heading variations.


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