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Aug 13, 2019
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Hi all, my client recently switched the name of his company (doing business as) to include his categories. He also changed his GMB profile to include his service categories. So instead of Stevens Builders, Inc., his GMB profile now says Stevens - Windows, Roofing & Doors. I know most people are going to look at this and say wait a minute that is keyword stuffiing, but he actually got a DBA and is willing to change the name of his company if that is what it takes...because Stevens Builders does not help him get the kind of customers he wants from GMB. So I am about to hire something shark company to help me change all of his other citations to match what he has already done on GMB. Does anybody see a problem with doing this? Also should we see a boost in his GMB rankings since all his other citations still say Stevens Builders, Inc.?
This is actually a really smart strategy if your client is legitimately willing to change his business name. It's unfortunate that Google gives so much ranking weight to keywords in the business name, but it is the reality. I think you're going to see pretty significant improvements in your rankings for those 3 terms when you roll this out.

Is Whitespark the company you're referring to with "something shark"? :)

That's my company, and I would love to do this project as a case study with you. I would love to set up rank tracking before you do it so we can measure the impact. I'll set up the rank tracking account for you no charge and can offer you a discount on the cleanup work. Please email me at if you would like to discuss.
Hi Darren, yes it was your company we were looking at. If you don't see anything wrong with doing it then I will email you and get it going. Thank you for your feedback.

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