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Jan 9, 2018
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I m correct in assuming that if a profession (laywer, accountant) shares space with another professona, if they both have the same address it is going to be a problem for GBP?
No it should be ok but you will need to have separate websites, separate phone numbers, separate business names. Giving each of them a Suite number might help also. And prepare for google to ask questions ;)
By problem, I assume you are referring to the local filter. The main thing that activates the filter is when there are multiple businesses at the same location with the same category. The same category is the important part.

If the businesses share the same category then you will likely run into challenges at some point.
Based on every question you have posted, I am going to recommend against cutting corners here. You need to have your own office with signage unless you want to be offline for weeks.

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