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Jun 28, 2012
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Chris Silver Smith always does great posts. This week at Marketing Land he shared how to highlight the positive and better hide the negative to improve your online reputation.

<a href="">9 Key Points for Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation Nightmare Via SEO</a>

For an online reputation repair project, we’re looking to enhance the ranking capability of the positive and negative items appearing in search results so that they may improve and ascend, displacing the negative content. We may also create additional new, positive content to either help the other good stuff or to introduce strategically advantageous new stuff that might rank higher than the bad stuff.

Here are some basic SEO points to keep in mind...

... Whatever you do, don’t despair! Reputation repair on your name is not a fun prospect. However, using these basic steps, you should reasonably expect to get a few more positive assets to begin appearing on the first page of search engine results, where they may begin to push down the negative content. Even moving a negative item down one row in the search results page can equate to a 15% reduction in visibility — or more!

Great tips Chris! Thanks for sharing!

OR... you can just do what Bolt Barbers did and make fun of the bad reviews.

Bolt Barbers, Hate us On Yelp Marketing Campaign

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Full news story here. But the Bolt Barbers story insert, was just sort of a fun tale to share.

The real story is the great tips from Chris above, so head over to read!

Have you had to clean up any reputation nightmares???

What do you think of the tips from Chris?

Image credit: Bolt Barbers, their Hate us On Yelp marketing campaign from Flickr.
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I think that is an interesting way of looking at and using Yelp, but it can be dangerous from a Marketing and ORM perspective. If you are aware of their Yelp campaign and that they kinda poke fun at themselves it works well, but if you are aware of it you are also most likely a current customer. If you are a potential new customer and are not aware of their brand at all you are probably turned off by this. This also raises some issues regarding their sales. They don't have a small niche, they are actually in a large industry and they are telling certain segments that they don't want their business. This campaign doesn't help them stand out, but I am not sure how much.

In reference to Chris' article, I believe he offers a short guide on where to get started with ORM.

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