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Aug 7, 2013
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There has been talk of a refresh since early June...thanks to Sheridan over at Conductor Blog for posting...

What you should know about Panda 28

In the next couple of weeks, Google will release Panda 28. This may have some marketers shaking in their boots? after all, Panda 27 caused major traffic loss for many sites.
But here?s the good news! For many marketers, the Google Panda Update will be cause to celebrate. It?s very likely that Panda 28 will be a time of recovery from the negative impacts of Panda 27.

Posted by: Sheridan Orr July 9, 2015
Thanks Justin!

Great news for anyone with previous infractions that have been waiting for their get out of Google jail card.
Nice share! Also has an interesting match game at the bottom... :)
I Always recommend to my customers to have an extra website waiting somwhere in between page 2 to 5 to replace their "money site" in case something happens, it is sometimes faster to bring back a new site than to save a penalized one (depends on the destructions factors commited by the NSEO in many cases).

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