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Aug 29, 2013
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Hi, the problem I've got is a customer uploaded a photo, which I don't want showing in place of my own business image/logo

Is there any way to ensure my preferred business listing photo displays on my listing when someone does a brand search, instead of the customer photo?

I've tried re-setting my 'profile' photo and that briefly worked, but it has now gone back to showing the customer photo when I do a brand search.

Why the heck can't business owners be in charge of which photo/image shows on our listings, given it can have a big affect on click through rates?? :mad:
Have you tried setting your preferred image as your "profile" photo as well as "logo" photo? Google will recognize the image you set as your "profile" photo as your preferred image, but still may not always display it.. kind of the nature of the Google beast.

(edit) You could also try taking several high quality images of your location (inside and outside) and adding those as well. The more high quality images you have that represent your business and branding, the more likely google will be to choose one of your photos instead of a user photo that might not be as high quality. As a local guide, I've had some of my photos appear as a businesses photo in the SERP - I think mostly because they didnt have many of their own...

Thanks, yes might give that a go.

Is it legit to upload images that I've created, like various logo type ones that I made with 'canva' or do they have to be actual photos?
I'm pretty sure google prefers actual photos of the business over logo photos. I would focus on storefront and interior photos rather than logo variations. Based on the category of your business these may differ. ie for retail, Google seems to like Good exterior shots but also promotes photos of product displays.

Google is constantly encouraging local guides to take interior photos of businesses they shop at, so they seem to be putting a higher focus on having images that would help users get a better idea of what the experience is like at the location.
From my experience, Google prefers the following type of images in the following order:

1. exterior photos
2. interior photos
3. If they cannot find such photos they will pick another one from your site or even from a third-party site! It is difficult to force Google to display your logo.

I would also prefer a better control of which photos are shown but..
Yes, I think Nikos and DJ hit the nail on the head. It's been this way with Google for a long time. Not only do they prefer photos over logos, but additionally Google often thinks they know better than the business owner, what info is best to show. (Or their AI does.) :p

(Speculation) I think this is because most of the listings out there are still set it and forget it. So many businesses don't keep their info up-to-date that Google just does it for them. I argued for years that if a listing was pro-actively managed and had recent owner updates, then more weight should be given to the business, for listings decisions like photos.

I suspect that they prefer images because it's easier for AI or bots to screen, at scale. A program can be trained to learn: that square thing is a building, or that's a person smiling behind a cash register. Logos, with blending and creativeness could be anything, even something nefarious. I'm sure lots of businesses that don't know better or are spammy also try to pass images that say "Guaranteed Best Price" for example, off as their logo to try to encourage higher conversions.

John the plumber says, here's my logo!



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