Aug 13, 2012
For the past 5 WORKING DAYS Google has been placing my (locksmith) LISTING on SPOT "A" from 1:00am to about 7:00am then drops me to SPOT "D" from 7:30am to about 10:00pm
then SPOT "B" from 10:00pm till 1:00am


I just had to VENT........

I need more work in the DAY........:)
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Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
I'm curious, have you literally tracked it consistently to change like that every day at those times?

Because I've written about the fact that I think there are around 3 different versions of Pigeon being tested on rotating data centers - but I've never tracked closely enough to see a time correlation like that.

I know you were just venting but I want to turn this into a discussion, so moving from "Breakroom to ranking and changing title to be more descriptive.

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