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Jul 31, 2012
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This may be an old issue but I didn't find any specific threads talking about it, but I'm seeing the following "reporting" in a few of my +local dashboards and it has me completely baffled:

Is anyone else seeing this? How can one listing only have 37 impressions and 386 actions?

Sorry if this is old news, if so feel free to point me toward the post highlighting this issue and I'll take this one down. I don't want to add any duplicates (Google does that enough for us! Ha!;)

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Hi Brandon, that happens often and has been reported a lot at the Google forum (not here and don't worry we don't nuke dupes.)

BUT I don't remember off hand the explanation for it. Anyone else know why it happens?
Hi Brandon,

I've seen this with a few clients past and present. It usually indicates a duplicate, hidden merged duplicate or some other related issue that could be crossing some streams somewhere.

Sorry, don't have a specific answer as to why it happens but you should check for duplicates and make sure the listing isn't claimed in another account somewhere to begin with.

What I have seen is once the underlying issue is fixed you will see the impressions start to go up and the actions go down until they eventually are as they should be (from what I've seen anyway).

Also, maybe try submitting a troubleshooter report to see if you can find any intel.
Thanks for the response. I did a quick search and sure enough a dupe or two have popped up. Hopefully getting those merged/taken care of will solve the problem.

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