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Apr 9, 2021
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I'm looking for current/recent info on how to determine if a GMB listing is not claimed. I'm reading outdated info in various places online and getting confused.

I know that GMB used to blatantly indicate an unclaimed status, by asking something like, "Are you the owner of this business?".

I see that some listings have the ability to have edits made to them - apparently by people other than the listing owner. So I'm not clear if this indicates an unclaimed listing or a potentially unclaimed listing.

Is being able to "suggest edits" just another indicator that the listing has an open potential for undesired manipulation?

Is there a definitive way to identify an unclaimed listing - has that never changed?

Thank you so much for being here and doing what you do. A pretty incredible team you have.
@ViKer, the "suggest an edit" link shows up for every business, so that's not it. Some businesses are more or less susceptible than others to 3rd-party edits. (Some edits stick, and many don't. Depends on a lot of factors.)

There seem to be some holes in this, like if you're checking on a business with a hidden address, but I've found a good to check the verification status is to click on the "Own this business?" link and see what's on the next screen. If it's claimed you'll see something like this:


If it's not claimed, you'll see this kind of deal:


Someone else may have another way to check, and maybe a better one, which I'd be interested to hear.
I use Phil's method of clicking on the Own This Business link as well as the GMB Everywhere extension for Chrome.

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