Claire Carlile

LocalU Faculty
Aug 14, 2018
I was reading around the topic of the autosuggest functionality on GMB Q&A yesterday - a couple of pieces I had read suggested that it was being populated purely from review content. Myself and Carrie Hill did some digging around and found that in fact it's now being populated from existing Q&A, Reviews, Google Posts AND Products (Beta)!

We thought this was interesting - we have no idea about who is using the autosuggest feature (in terms of consumers) but this would indicate that it's super important that businesses make the most of ALL of the content opportunities available to them in GMB and control the message as far as possible by including relevant posts, posing (or seeding) their own Q&A, including searched for products in products beta, and using an 'enhanced ask' for reviews.

Andy Simpson noted the 'is this helpful' voting system - we guess this is probably being used to train the algorithm in terms of what content is useful, and what is not. I made a video to show what I'm seeing here - 2019-07-17_18-53-22.mp4 - anyone else seeing any of these features being pulled into autosuggest - or indeed any other features being pulled in?

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