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Jan 4, 2013
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Hey Pros,

I'm looking for any experiences with the following:

Rebrand. New name only. Same ownership & business model. Same address, phone, employees etc. Will Google remove the reviews?

I found this thread:

Change in name

If you are the new owner or manager of an existing business that has changed its name, reviews may be removed if your business meets specific criteria.

  • Rebrand: Reviews can be removed from a page if there's been a significant change to a well known, distinct brand name. Hotels or fast food establishment that switch franchise affiliations or car dealers that specialize in a different makes of cars would qualify for review removal.
  • Name changes related to change in underlying services: For instance, a business that switches from Jade’s Chinese Garden Restaurant to India Palace Restaurant, or Al’s Sporting Goods Store to Performance Bike Repair, would qualify for review removal
  • Partners or other business affiliations that disassociate: For example, if Perkins and Rogers, Attorneys at Law becomes Perkins, Attorney at Law because Rogers has left the practice to form his own, all reviews would be detached. Note that all reviews would be removed, not just the ones that refer to a particular practitioner
Name changes that don't reflect core changes to the business's services aren't eligible for review removal. For example, if Dasha’s Dry Cleaner becomes Dasha’s Super Dry Cleaner, or JFK Limo Service becomes Super JFK Limo, reviews will remain in place.
Same domain too? I think you'll be fine if so, but I'd keep and eye on it in case the bots create a separate listing. Even if they do, you should be able to get support to merge them and keep the reviews.
Usually it comes down to what the business wants. If the business is insisting that it's a new business and want the reviews removed, they *should* be able to get them removed.
Thx Scott. And yes, same domain.

We want to keep the reviews. They are good.

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Then you should be good. Just update the name on the listing through the GMB dashboard.

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