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Jul 26, 2012
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Thanks for scooping the story and sharing it with us Phil!

Yea Stars!

Can't wait til they come back to the SERPs!
Sure thing, Linda. I've just added some pics of where the Zagat ratings still do show up and where they no longer do.

I'll raise my glass to this one.
Yep nice change... long time comin!

Drink one for me!
Bumping this for those that missed it last night because it kind of got buried under all the other posts.
Any examples of 5-star rating showing up in the search results as well as the individual google local pages? So far Im only seeing them on the GL pages for medical/dental queries

Nope, the 5 stars aren't showing up in the Google+ Local search results (yet?). But they're showing up across the board on Google+ Local pages that have more than 5 stars. I covered all this stuff in the post, as you may have seen.

Thanks Phil, was just curious to see if it had populated yet. Everyone is looking forward to this welcomed change.
There was a post yesterday about a new development in review was moved to another thread because it was important ...but i can't find it anywhere - does anyone know what i'm talking about or where i can find it?

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