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Jul 27, 2012
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Have y'all noticed the individual review ratings (Excellent, Good, Poor) are gone missing along with time frame (a week ago, 3 months ago, etc)?

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 12.55.32 AM.jpg
Thanks Keenan. Weird. I have not had time to be looking at listings so had not heard or noticed.

But just checked my page and ya those details are missing.
Looks kinda bare. Clean, but bare and missing some meaningful info.
Here's my page:

Let me know if you get confirmation this is a bug and I'll add the bug hashtag to this thread.

I started to notice this on listings as of today. Hope this is a simple bug and a quick fix.
We escalated to Google. Awaiting answer.
I noticed that today, too. It weirded me out - especially so, given that I was putting the finishing touches on the "The Complete Guide to Google+Local Reviews" post I did this morning! It's not only missing on ratings, though: the reviews also are missing the "quality" attributes, so all that's left is the text of the review itself.

Do hope it's just a bug and not Google's latest whim...
And they are investigating.

Thanks Keenan.

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