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Mar 2, 2018
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I'm running a web crawler to build a directory of UK hotels. The problem is with Google search is if you make the search too broad e.g. hotels in England you don't get the full set. I am trying using "Hotels near AL1" using the 3,000 odd postcode districts. The issue now is that the "near" search also pulls in hotels from AL2, AL3 etc as all neighbours. Then when I do AL2 i get the same again so creating lots of duplicates, but more critically making it extremely slow. i then tried "Hotels in AL1" and was surprised that it produced the exact same search results as "near". i was expecting it to only return hotels with AL1 in their actual postcode.

So my question is what is the most efficient search method to get 100% result without duplication? Is there actually any difference between "near" and "in" and any way to force "in" to be actually in?

Thanks for any advice

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