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Jun 28, 2012
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Google is all seeing and all knowing and this is kinda cool, for those of you who have retail clients.
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Here's another post at 9to5 Google.

Google Now will alert you when nearby shops have products you’ve been searching for

If you find yourself constantly searching the web for new toys, you’re really gonna dig Google Now’s newest trick. As a follow up to a recent update that helps you locate stores while cruising the mall, this new software push takes things to another level. Starting today, Google Now will display a product information card whenever you’re near a shop that carries an item that you’ve been searching for online.


Dang...Google is scary. A few weeks ago I was on vacation and I did a Google search to get directions to the airport. All of the sudden, Google started talking to me telling me Flight# 1234 (the flight I was going to be on) was on time and would be departing at such and such time. At first I was like, "how the hell did Google know that was my flight?" Then it dawned on me that Google must have gotten it from my Gmail.


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