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Jun 28, 2012
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I live in my Local Search Pros Twitter List daily.

I also share that Twitter List which has Tweets from 97 pros here:
Live Local Search News Feeds: Real-time - Stay Up to Date!

But I have to admit I had not thought about how local businesses could use Twitter feeds.
So I was happy to find this "SMART" post by Nick Rink from "Smart Local".

<a href="">Smart Guide to Twitter Lists for Local Business | Smart Local</a>

From his G+ post:

Twitter can be overwhelming for many local business people. The main issue is finding a way to cut through the noise and actually find local people to connect with. Twitter lists offer exactly that functionality.

In this post I've talked about what Twitter lists are, how to create them and also highlight 5 useful list ideas for local businesses:

☞ Clients and Friends
☞ Target Clients
☞ Competitors
☞ Your local area
☞ Influencers

You asked for more ideas Nick. I would add one more biggie.

Local TOPICAL content for your site, to help make it sticky and maybe even get some links and traffic.

See my Local Search Pros News Feed here if you did not check out above.

Now picture a hotel, hand picking and curating a list of local entertainment and best places to eat in my city type Tweets. And adding it to their site, like I did above. :)

Or a Dr could compile a Twitter list from the CDC, Flu trackers and other medical Tweets.

Or any business could do a local news feed from all the local TV stations and newspapers. You get the idea.

Any other Twitter List ideas you guys???


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