Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I'm starting to struggle with making sure that I keep all the customer requests and orders straight. I'm a 3-4 person company, but, most of the orders come to me via email. I have a WP form on my site, where some orders come in from (and then are sent to me via email). So Essentially, right now, my inbox is how I manage it.

My orders are either SEO (which we load up into trello) or Reputation/Listings which we just manage by hand/spreadsheet.

I think I need to do something to keep better track, and also track the progress, so that when I get an order. . . maybe I should just add a Reputation/Listings piece to Trello.

It seems no matter what I do, the orders are going to come to my inbox (as much as I try to get them to use a form or whatever, people just want to email me - and sometimes one or two of my team). I'm wondering if a zendesk might help. . .or if anyone has anything else.
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