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Dec 3, 2013
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Hey Everyone,

I'm having trouble with reviews going missing or never appearing for some clients. Does anyone have a contact at Google (GMB) I could reach out to? I've tried the normal support routes and am not getting anywhere.

Also, if these reviews are getting filtered, does anyone have a system that makes sure reviews don't get filtered? I know the normal stuff, the review shouldn't be abusive or posted from the business IP, etc. Are there certain things to avoid saying or some other tips we can give people who want to post a review?

To give you an idea of the history, I had one client contact me last month saying he had received 2 reviews which were missing. He had received a notification for one, but not the other. The pictures the reviewers posted were still on his GMB listing, but no review. All my efforts with Google just led to canned response over and over that they automatically filter some reviews for spam/abuse violations, which didn't fit either review.

Then last week I heard from another client who got a new review. They got an email from the reviewer letting them know they had posted it, but no notification and nothing was on their listing. I contacted the person who posted the review to doublecheck they had posted it. They said couldn't find it so assumed they must have messed up. So, they posted it again and double checked to make sure it posted and sent a screenshot, but when I check the listing and the GMB admin for the listing, there's nothing. There was also no notification email sent indicating their had been a review posted.

I encourage clients to try to get legitimate reviews from happy customers, but they get very frustrated when they do and then those reviews are removed or don't ever show up.

I'm at a loss at this point and can't find a contact in Google who will give me more than the canned responses.

I'd love it if someone could put me in touch with someone at Google who could actually help.

Curious, what method is used to gather reviews? A short link from GBPM?
Curious, what method is used to gather reviews? A short link from GBPM?

I knew in my client's cases, it's literally just the client clicking on the GBP and leaving a review directly on the profile page. Does anyone have any clue as to why Google is limiting reviews? Note: the two companies missing reviews are service area businesses (IE no fixed address in GBP). Is this related?
Hi Everyone,

My pool client had the same review removed now for the 3rd time. I've posted to the GBP community support and am just getting the standard, "Sometimes Google removes suspicious reviews or users delete reviews response."

Does anyone have a contact at Google I could reach out to?

Here's the link to the community support post: Legit Review Removed Again. Please restore. - Google Business Profile Community

Thank you!

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