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Feb 28, 2014
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I recall reading something about this here and it seems like this happened to one of our clients recently. The changes were live in the SERPs and shown in red with original info in strikethrough in the backend.

Can anyone link me to one of the original discussion threads here regarding this change? I would like to share this with our client.
I was thinking of something else, perhaps it was just an SEland article but I thought it was around the time that a big change was implemented. In our case, the phone number and website URL were changed. This is not as 'ugly' as it sounds where a competitor hijacked the listing. This is a resort where you can rent or own so there is an official website where they rent and sell.... and then one for homeowners association and owners. It sounds like there is drama of some kind and the HOA folks suggested the change and it was implemented without prompt or approval on our side where we have the verified listing.

This is just the way it goes here now? Folks just changing our website URL and phone number and Google doesn't even ask the verified owner before the changes are pushed live?
Oops sorry. Thought you were talking about the attribute changes, not regular NAPW edits.

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