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Thanks for posting Phil, and great resource provided by Colan! Bookmarking it!!

Cheers guys! :D
Thanks for highlighting this on your fantastic blog, Phil!

I hope the quiz serves as a great training tool.
Way to GO "my right hand man" Colan! Great job and what awesome visibility for your ninja G+L skills to be featured at Phil's highly regarded blog.

Can't wait to read it when I'm less crazed. (Still trying to recover from my fatal PC crash and need to go pick up new PC in a few/)

But I just feel the need to say that seeing this does my heart good!

Part of my vision when creating this community was to be able to offer a place for top minds in the biz to network and hopefully find synergistic ways to work together to benefit all.

The fact that the thread here, is what inspired you two to work together to get this posted at Phil's blog, is exactly the type of collaboration I had hoped this community would foster. Great work both of you!!!

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