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Mar 15, 2016
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The 3 Biggest Pain Points For Your Clients

Your clients are in pain.

Their business has specific challenges that keep them from achieving the results they desperately need. Challenges your agency is uniquely equipped to handle.

These pain points can be damaging.

These challenges have the potential to undermine every facet of your client's marketing. It makes their advertising more expensive. It decreases their conversion rates, making it harder to win new customers. It slowly erodes their profit margins.

Read the rest of Andrew's post here.

He goes on to talk about the pre-contract, during contract, and post contract pain points for clients and how to try to help them (before they leave).



Good one! Thanks Garrett and Andrew!

I love the way this is laid out and the full post delivers way more than the title indicates.
(It's usually the other way around, right?)

It really covers a wide variety of pain points at the 3 stages in the agency/client relationship:
Active client
Post contract

To quote one part I especially like:

Your client's biggest pain points need to be solved at two distinct levels.

1. The mesa level: The physical realm where your work and client interaction is done. Your agency creates an ORM campaign that boosts your client's conversion rate, increases revenue and drives 58 percent more sales.

2. The meta level: The abstract and intangible realm where what a client thinks, feels and believes about the work you've done is just as important as the mesa level, what you've done/can/will do.

Most agencies focus on the "mesa level" exclusively. They produce amazing results for their clients. But they fail to communicate at both the mesa and meta levels. As a result, clients eventually move on. You need both.

Andrew then goes on to show a variety of ways reviews can relieve multiple pain points for your client.

If you want to learn more about how to use ORM to help make clients happier...
AND retain them, head over to read the rest!

The 3 Biggest Pain Points For Your Clients

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