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Jul 22, 2013
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I've seen you post a couple of times about having something automatically track listings and notify you of updates/changes to the pages. This lets you know of new competitors in the pack, ranking shifts, etc. Not sure whether it does screen grabs....
Can you refresh my memory as to what service you're using to make this simpler than checking clients manually?
thank you :)
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Hi Margaret,

I have not made it public yet, have only mentioned. Took a long time for the developer to make changes and now I'm still testing. (Yes does auto screen shots.)

Then need to write it up with some instructions but not sure when I'll be able to get it done.

Oh wait, there is another one I forgot about. TrackEngine I use it all the time too but it goes to an old email I never check so forgot about it. It does not do a screenshot but almost a simulation of page one with live links which is cool.

ONLY THING is that one, you can't geo locate results. So the results may not match what you see over in AU. The new one I'm going to share - I had him add the geo feature so results are more accurate.

There's another one in this post too: http://localsearchforum.catalystema...oogle-local-algo-change-did-spam-filters.html

PLUS Places Scout does automatic pack screenshots in their ranking reports now too. I made sure to tell Mark how important I thought it was and he'd already beat me to it and it's in there now. (Have to go into settings to set it up.)

I'll let you know as soon as I get the new one written up.
I started using TrackEngine after Linda recommended it. It's very handy!

I don't know how accurate this is (I have 1 example), but it can also show you if a map result has a penalty. A client of mine had an old verified listing that was a PO Box, so we let it just stay. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The listing finally got a penalty assessed to it, and disappeared of the map (it was ranking #3 for main key phrases). The listing is still live, but is restricted. The next time I got my Track Engine result for this particular result, the listing was still showing in the map. It still shows to this day, but do a live search, and its nowhere to be found.

This is the only example I have, so I can't say with utmost confidence that you use this as a diagnostic tool.

Linda, have you ever had any experience with that happening?
Interesting Blake.

No I have not noticed, but like I said that one goes to an old email I never check any more. PLUS I don't know where there server is so that could throw off results.

The new tool comes to my main email so I check it all the time and it's very accurate due to the fact I had them add search location settings. They are based in Switzerland so the results were off a little until I had them program in that feature.
Hi Linda

I eagerly await your writeup.

That other post has a great discussion on the tools - thanks for posting the link to it.
Sorry I thought I updated this thread...

Finally got everything working right with that software before Pigeon hit. Then Pigeon made all the results wonky in the US because it's hitting one of the old data centers with the old algo.

But might work OK and match up overseas.

Check out

No time to write up how to use and I have not used since July so not sure if the Geo settings I had him add are even still in there.
Cool- this is the first time that I have heard of that tool. I might have to start incorporating it into some of my local campaigns.
OK it's working now that Pigeon flew overseas.

Big write-up with lots of tips:

<a href="">GEO SERP Screenshot Tracking Tool - ADVANCED Google Local Ranking Troubleshooting</a>

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