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Nov 22, 2022
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Hi all,

I have a question re GBP and wasn't sure of the best approach. We recently bought a company and they have a decent number of reviews too. So I was wondering if I should transfer the ownership and change all info to ours or should I ask them to close the listing and create a new one?

Best regards,
Hi echdip, here is a very recent forum post and although the question may seem seem slightly different the advice given is still very appropriate to your situation: Client sold one of their locations to a competitor - what's the best practice for the Map listing?

If you have ownership and there are no significant issues with the GBP, I would suggest keeping it and making the needed changes and forgo the trouble of setting up a new profile. Plus, if the business has been around awhile and it is showing up in the local pack, even more reason to keep the equity the profile already has rather than rebuilding from scratch. Also, you may want to check out any reviews that don't have replies, or customers that left reviews with service issues and take the opportunity to edit re-engage them as you are the new owner.

Congrats on your new business!
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