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Aug 5, 2012
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I'm working with a new business. When I log in to their Places dashboard I see that they have 2 separate listings for the same business under the same account. Each has some unique content. Both resolve to the same Google Places page publically which displays some content from each. Note: it only shows up once in any results and I cannot find them separately.

My question is what to do about it. Do I first match the content of to exactly what I want? Do I try and have one removed?

I'm just unsure as it is not a standard duplicate listing.
I would try to find the separate listings first. That can be hard sometimes. Have you tried using mapmaker to see if they have duplicate listings there?

If that doesn't resolve your problem, you probably need to survey the situation. If you're just starting out, how well are they ranking? Any actions taken to resolve this situation could diminish their ranking to some degree. You should be the judge of whether it's worth it based on the health of their ranking.

If you decide it is worth it to take action, I would probably first talk to Google by using the "Report a Problem" link. I haven't done this in awhile so maybe the process is changed. A pro here might be able to shed light on the best way to do that.

I don't know if deleting one and leaving another is a good idea but it may be your only option. I would think Google would give the best advice.

That's just my opinion. Before I took action I would wait for someone else to post their solution.
Thanks for posting and trying to help out Josh. Really appreciate it!

Actually having more than one listing claimed in either the same OR different accounts is a violation, so you need to get rid of one of them. Plus having 2 claimed creates NUMEROUS types of tech problems. (Data changing, can't reply to reviews, images won't upload, all kinds of weird stuff can come up.)

There are not 2 listings live on maps, the 2 have merged together into 1 listing if both links to view on maps go to the same place.

I bet stats are the same too right? That's a definite sign they've merged.

So you need to get rid of one. It's hard to advise which one without seeing everything and doing a bunch of research which I don't really have time to do. But one needs to go.

VERY important, when you decide which one you are getting rid of and hit delete, there are 2 options. If you select delete from maps it will likely delete EVERYTHING because the 2 are merged. So be sure to select, remove from my account.

THEN if the listings are different (mainly if any differences with NAP) there's a chance the one you release will show up live on maps as a separate dupe. So be vigilant and search to see if that happens.

If a live dupe pops up use the Troubleshooter not report a problem as that will get you in touch with a live support rep.

Note Josh: if you ever need to deal with a dupe "report a problem" is no longer the best option. Troubleshooter is best. PLUS you could not report a problem in this case because there is no separate dupe, they are merged and someone in maps could end up deleting everything because they can't see what's in dash to know you have double claimed listings.

Hope this helps and best of luck!
Good advice. Haven't used the troubleshooter or report a problem in awhile.

Good luck!
Thank you so much. Indeed the stats were the same for both. I will try your advice.

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