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May 15, 2016
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Someone made an edit to our GMB and change the address to a different city (it might be a competitor ) . When i tried to change the address back my list got suspended.

1. Is there anyway to contact GMB over phone or my only option is to fill the reinstate form?

2. How can i avoid something like that in future?
I'm not sure of any real way to avoid this since Google can be kindof flaky sometimes. I've had listings suspended for similar edits, or too many edits too close together. Was this the only edit you made? If not, maybe try spacing them out a bit more.

Do you know if this is a soft suspension? Is the listing still showing in Maps? It's a soft suspension if it is. If so, don't try to reverify.

As for reinstatement, you'll need to fill out the form. That's the first question support will ask you, so it's best to just do it. I'd wait 24-48 hours or so and then reach out to Twitter support if you haven't received any reply from the reinstatement. They can sometimes be slow to answer during times of high volume, but they do help.
Actually my GMB is live again. They did it in less then 24 hours so i am surprise. I believe they realize it was someone who tries to harm the business.

Thank you for your comment Cherie.

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