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Jun 24, 2016
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Alright, all you geniuses. I have a client that is in a very remote, small town in south central Idaho. His mail, both for his home and his business, all goes to a box number at the post office. Even though both places have an official street address, the postal service doesn't have delivery routes. Everyone goes to the post office.

I'm inclined to think that if we were to have his GMB verification postcard sent to the post office, Google won't verify it since they don't like PO Boxes. Is there any alternative that I'm not aware of to allow him to get the card? Every time he's requested it to his street address, the Post Office ends up discarding it or not being able to process it for some reason.

If your business doesn’t receive mail at your physical location, do not use a PO Box if that’s what you use for mail (this will most likely cause your listing to be suspended). Instead, contact Google My Business via this form.

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