Sep 27, 2012
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Just curious to know which software you are using for presentations and video creation (similar to the ones Linda uses in her training)? I am a complete novice with the video/presentation stuff and I think it adds a nice touch to the tool belt. Video reports are something I was initially thinking about and possibly down the road, my own tutorials.

As always, any pro's and con's you can share or thoughts that helped you decide over the software you chose over another is appreciated.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Hi Luke, great topic!

I'm still really new at video too so look forward to comments.

For recording I use a free program that came highly recommended and I really like it's flexibility:
Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing.

But I think you can only save 5 minute videos for free. And if you are just trying to explain something to a client, or show a prospect how they aren't ranking and what you've done for other clients 5 is enough.

So you can use that for recording and upload and embed from there.

Then if you need to do longer videos they have an option there or you can use Vimeo which I think is more robust and that's what I use. You can also from SOM upload directly to Youtube but if you want the videos private, I'm not sure really what the Youtube privacy/sharing options are like.

If you want to do more like a video slide presentation there are several good options. Animoto is most well known but I think this one looks more robust: ProShow Web - Instant Photo and Video Slideshows from your Mac or PC

So there are a couple options to kick things off. Anyone else have video tools to share?

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Video reports are something I was initially thinking about and possibly down the road, my own tutorials.

Was going to mention a hot tip. SOME consultants I've seen will take all the time to do a competitive analysis report UP FRONT for a new prospect and then they just GIVE IT TO THEM. Even if you use a tool to spit out that report quickly, it's still time and YOUR intellectual property that even knew what tool to use and how to do it.

Don't give them that report so they can just take the knowledge and try to figure it out themselves OR get another SEO and say "Hey look at how much better my competitors are doing. Can you help me with all this?

So instead - run the report and make a video OR do a live screen share as you quickly breeze through it. Touch on a couple of the important points but scroll through so they see that YOU did your homework and YOU have all this other important data that will help them. Give them the sizzle but don't give them the steak until they pay for it.
Does that make sense?

Anyway that's another way I thought of to use video to build your business.


Dec 25, 2012
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I just love visiting this site. Every time I read through the posts I pick up a great tip or resource. Thanks so much Linda :D
Aug 7, 2013
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I use two programs to record Video. Camtastia and SnagIt 12 . Camtasia is very easy to use and has some great editing features. I use SnagIt for screen captures and short videos I want to email.
Sep 11, 2012
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We're now doing quite a lot of video recording/marketing and use a suite of tools.

Screen capture videos - Camtasia (Paid tool)
Short form training videos - Jing - save to (5 mins max)
Interviews - Google Hangout 'On Air'

More about hangout on air -

This is a really handy way of recording videos or testimonials and here are a few tips -

1. Hangout on air automatically records & uploads to YouTube account
2. We brand up videos using lower 1/3s
3. We download MP4 and edit in camtasia
4. We get video transcribed in 48hrs by SpeechPad - human transcription
5. We re-upload to YouTube and also distribute to Vimeo

This process works really nicely and we get videos & posts like this as the finished article - Interview with David Mihm - TalkingLocal Series


Oct 25, 2016
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Hi. Try CamStudio is free software and Apowersoft is a free online recorder. I hope will help :)
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