Jul 18, 2012
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A client of mine verified their Google+ Local page a few weeks back and I went to go log in today to add some pictures the client gave me. I tried to upload 8 different photos and every time I got this annoying message. A while back you used to get this message when trying to embed links to photos on other websites but never for uploading images from your computer.

Is this a new issue with Google+ Local now or is this something specific with my client's page? Bottom line, how do I go about getting these photos uploaded now?

Travis Van Slooten

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Travis, I have not had time to get to the G forum today yet to see if others are having this problem but as you know image uploads have been pretty FUBAR lately.

Due to the 1 month upload delay I've seen Jade tell people to just upload as a user. So log out of clients account and into your own and then upload that way.

Was just told by Google that once pages are merged most stuff through G+ will upload pretty instantly instead of the delays we have currently with GP dash.

So I wonder about doing user images for now and then after upgrade delete them and add from G+???
(NOT SURE ON ANY OF THIS OR RAMIFICATIONS of doing it this way - no one is, just a suggestion.)

But before doing anything check the G forum and see if any other reports or advice there. I'm heading over in a bit and will check too.

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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Hi Travis,

I got the exact same message today. I also noticed that I was unable to remove a photo from the account. It said "Removing photo from listing .." and that was it for 5 mins, the photo was never removed.

I feel some tweaking going on behind the scenes.
Jul 18, 2012
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Doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried a really small image, a medium size image, and a large image. They all triggered the error message. I guess I'll wait for a while for Google to get this bug fixed.

Travis Van Slooten

Also, check the size of your images - I've seen that error before for other Google services when the image was too large or too small for their liking.
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