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Mar 1, 2017
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One of our clients is a dentist who is taking over a dental practice from another dentist. We've been having some trouble with updating their Google business profile, however, as we've been unable to change the small circle icon image that appears next to the profile (which has a photo of the previous owner).

I'm assuming this is the "logo" photo?

I've tried repeatedly to upload a new one, but no matter what image I've tried (both JPG and PNG formats), the "Uploading..." bar will reach 100% and then freeze.

I haven't run into this issue when uploading any other photo type.

Does anyone have advice on how to resolve this?

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 10.49.00 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 11.42.41 AM.jpg
I'm getting server-rejected messages for one client. I can't update any photos. On other clients, it sits there uploading forever. So frustrating Google!
I have been getting both those errors @Caroline . I have resorted to contacting support and asking them to look into it, but it's taking a while for them to respond. May be a bug.

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