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Feb 24, 2014
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David Deal posted a blog today from SIM Partners about a talk from Adam Dorfman about What’s Next for Local Marketing? As marketer's it seems we can easily get caught up in just the first part of local search, which is being found. But what's next?

What’s Next for Local Marketing?

In his presentation, Dorfman asserted that marketers and their customers are rapidly entering an era in which all our actions are mobile. According to Mary Meeker’s “2015 Internet Trends Report,” consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than their laptops and desktop computers combined. And mobile has eclipsed the desktop for conducting searches.

Head over to SimPartners Blog to read more about Adam's talk and how mobile is playing a bigger part in search.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?

Thanks Casey!

Google really started something with the <a href="">Micro-Moments</a> concept and Adam sums it all up very well.

Micro-moments can include “I want to know” moments, “I want to go” moments, “I want to do” moments,” and “I want to buy” moments that trigger search behaviors.

I heard a Googler at I/O say something like: "We no longer GO online, we ARE online."
And it's so true.

With everyone connected via mobile, as soon as they think of something they want to do, somewhere they want to go, or something they want to buy - they jump on their phone and search for it. And then hopefully they click or call one of the businesses that they find on top that offers what they need - in that micro-moment.

Thanks again for sharing Casey!

What other thoughts do you guys have about this post?
Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?

Adam Dorfman, the author of the original post just commented on G+.

Adam on Google+

Thanks for sharing Linda. The thing I find most interesting about micro-moments is how the context of the searcher's location is expected to be present in the data being returned during the majority of information requests.

Very true. Thanks for a great post Adam!
Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?

HI All -

Excited to read this post but I can't get the above link to work - I get a 404 error? Help?
Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?

This is a great post. I have found in the past that it can be difficult for SEOs to help serve clients after they are rankings and put them in a sort of "maintenance" mode. This provides a great next step for clients with great visibility. Thanks Casey.
Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?


Your link is returning a 404 error. Can you check the URL and update your post?
Re: What's Comes After The Click In Local?

For the vast majority the call comes after the click. Its amazing how few people click through to find pricing and answers to FAQ. They pick up the phone so someone can tell it to them.

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