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Aug 16, 2021
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Hi, we've been noticing that if a client does not complete a live video call to verify their GBP within a few weeks the option is no longer available on the profile. I've been trying to search to see if there was a specific time frame. Can anyone answer how long we have to complete the call before it is no longer available?
No, I haven't requested the postcard a second time, I created another location a requested another postcard
Recently, I get the phone verification option quite often - unfortunately this process is also quite buggy. After inserting the correct verification code for the first time, I got an error message saying that I've had too many wrong attempts! And this situation repeated with 3 different profiles. Another time a customer received a call that provided "01" as the verification code. And of course it didn't work.

These verification changes might be caused by Google disabling the Direct Verification method that was available for Google Vetted Partners. They claim that since this method will no longer work, new businesses will have more verification methods to choose from - which is not the case yet, unfortunately.

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