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Sep 5, 2013
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New client has been in business for years. Home office for a long while in one city. Moved office to Leased Location in different city( 12 miles away) .

Asked client if he we can go with the new Leased location since changing Google would be only a postcard (and Facebook and the rest would be easy). Daily work is done out of new Leased location. But his work is mostly done online, so customers don't really come to his office (staffing agency).

But he says the leased space might move at some point and he likes keeping all of his business logos/letterhead/etc with the home address. I think personally it would better to go with the higher percentage of citations already established (leased).

Does it really matter? If I change the few citations to the new address, would it make a difference? Would you encourage the client to just go with it.

I am trying to be sure I am not missing something if I encourage him to let us change the citations.

Get Listed Citation Listing by %
24% Old Home Office-Google, FB
47% New Leased Office- Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze

Yellowpages (1)Leased

Just to be clear you want to continue to use the old address and also use the new address on different listings?
I would definitely encourage the client to choose one address and stick with it. Whenever possible, you should rather hide the address if your client's business doesn't accept customers at their business location. Here is a great article on the topic.
Does the client accept business at the location? Or is it just "not that much"
Do they see customers in the office, yes, but rarely. It's a functioning office though. Obviously if they have 47% citation rate at this newer location (leased).

The question is making them all one or the other.
so if you decide to keep that one you definitely need to hide the address. I was going to say, why not keep both and give them different phone numbers, but it will be hard to justify if you don't see customers at the home location.

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