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Jul 26, 2012
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Our client has a street address showing on their Google+ Local page even though on the backend (dashboard) I have hidden the address. And, the street is wrong. When I claimed the listing 3 weeks ago, it published correctly, but then Google added a street name that is not in the dashboard. They are a plumber, therefore, I need to hide their address, which I've done.
Our client name: Simulis Plumbing & Heating
G+ Local link: Simulis Plumbing Heating - About - Google+

They also have a duplicate that I've reported to Google 3 times in the last 3 weeks asking them to remove.
G+ Local duplicate link: Simulus Plumbing Heating - About - Google+

Where am I supposed to report issues like this to Google? I've tried from the listings and from MAPs. Should it be the Google and Your Business Forum? Where is Google Help?

Simulis Verified Worcester.png
Troubleshooter is your best bet.

My listing has incorrect information. <br /> <h4>Go through our step-by-step troubleshooters to find Help articles that can assist with your issue. And if we still haven't answered your question, fill out the short form at the end of the questions to

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Some of the reasons I like it:

  • You get to open a line of communication with a real Google employee.
  • You can make additional inquiries that aren't part of the set-out options.(ex, ask a question about a possible merged ghost account while you are reporting a duplicate)
  • You can discover important information that you weren't even looking for in the first places.(ex, find out that the listing is claimed in another account)
Hi Colan,

Thank you! I'll give it a try!

I'm not sure what Google does with the issue reported through the G+ Local page and MAPs. I used to get an email back from them confirming they were looking into the problem, but I received nothing.

Susan Colan is exactly right.

In my Advanced G+L Training I call the Troubleshooter your "new best friend"!
(I am always surprised by how many serious pros I train that don't use it or
sometimes don't even know DIRECT SUPPORT is available.

If you report problems by editing on the listing or use report a problem, it's one way communication. You get an auto-responder, often times it does not even apply to your situation. OR as you said, sometimes get nothing at all. You are left hoping, waiting and not knowing.

With the Troubleshooter you'll get a reply from a Google support rep, usually in about a week. Then if it's one of those complicated situations with multiple dupes or whatever you can reply to explain more. OR if they say we fixed on back end, should resolve on live listing in 2 weeks and it does not - then just reply to original email and ask that rep to take another look or continue to help you resolve it.

Couple tips - Be sure you are logged into the account you are reporting a problem about. Then sometimes you have to play with it and try different paths to get where you need to go if it's not a straightforward problem. Key is to try to get to a free-form at the end where you can explain a little, but that is not always possible.
Thanks so much Linda! It's great to know I'll have a new best friend! I also have a new favorite place to go - Catalyst's Forum.

I'm so glad you started the Forum since it's a great place to go and get answers from experts like you and Colan.

I'll try to be more involved and not here just for answers.

Take care,
Hi Susan,

I've had this issue (the address showing, when the setting was set to 'do not show my address') with one of my clients too.

I resolved it by:
  1. going into the Local Page information via the Places Dashboard and setting the page to "customers come to the business"
  2. Pressing submit
  3. Returning to the listing a second time and resetting to the options to "the business serves customers at their locations" and "Do not show my business address"
  4. Pressing submit again

This, to use Linda's terminology ;), gives Google a rather large 'Nudge', and has worked for me in the past.

And I can also vouch for the Troubleshooter option that I've also had cause to use. Incidentally I have also reverted to the agent some weeks later when the issue re-occurred and they were more than happy to assist again.
Hi Fabster,

I gave it a try, nothing has happened yet, but it may take a while. I'll try it again tomorrow. I used the Troublshooter too.

Thank you!


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