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May 24, 2014
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I am in the process of trying to find a nice rank tracker. I used Authority Labs for a while and loved it but it was missing some features. I just switched to BrightLocal but tools like RankTrackr and AccuRanker have caught my eye since they are said to be the most accurate.

Does anyone have any concrete evidence on how accurate each of theses tools are? Which one is the MOST accurate? Especially when it comes to tracking keywords from zip code or city.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
Hi Dani - myles here.

How are you finding Brightlocal? Do you have any questions about how it works or how we analyze results?

We always love feedback!
Hi Myles! Thanks for popping in. So far I really like all of the features that BrightLocal has. It's a lovely and affordable tool and you should be proud! The only feature I see that is missing that other tools have is global and local keyword volume. What I was really wondering though is how accurate the rank tracker is. Have you had a chance to do any studies or audits of your keyword tracker lately? Tools like AccuRanker and RankTrackr claim they are more accurate than other tools so I wanted to know if any 3rd parties had any concrete evidence or studies on this.

For example, RankTrackr says they are the most accurate on their home page and have this as their reason:
How it works? - RankTrackr

I don't want to start any competition or rub anyone the wrong way but I'd like to know if this claim could be true. Do you have any feedback on any of my comments? Thanks! :)

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