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Jun 28, 2012
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<img src="" alt="Google Places Tool" title="GPTools" width="121" height="57" align="left" hspace="10" />I missed Darren's tweet but last week I guess he launched a Citation Building Submission Service.

From the page...

We are commited to providing the highest quality submission service on the planet. We've been in the citation business for years, and we understand the challenges businesses face with building quality citations.


We will only submit to quality sources that will help your rankings
We will make sure you're not already listed before we submit
We will ensure that your information is entered carefully and accurately
We will have the work completed and your report ready within a month

Learn more here and check out the FAQ.

<a href="">WhiteSpark Citation Building Submission Service</a>

Disclosure: This is a free PSA, Darren does not even know I'm posting. Just saw the tweet and wanted to pass on the news, since he is so well known and respected in the industry. Plus prices seem great, so hopefully it will help you guys out.
That's an exciting new service. I've been using Whitespark's Local Citation Finder and it's excellent - highly recommended!
Hey SEOSpark, are you and Darren related? You have the same last name. :p

LOL, I crack myself up! :D
Haha! - Yeah, I sometimes forget that we have very similar names, and I'm a big fan of him!:)
Thanks for posting about our new service Linda! I'll keep an eye on this thread and respond to any questions.
The download INTAKE form seems to download a ZIP FILE not containting a FORM to fill out, but a bunh of XML files, might want to take a look at that .
Hmm, I just tried to download the intake form and it worked no problem. It downloaded an xls file, not a zip file. What browser are you using? Maybe try a different browser?
I've been investigating into the service and it sounds very exciting. A couple of questions spring to mind that Darren might be able to answer:

1. With businesses that have re-branded and have old "out of date" addresses/listings etc, how do you guys resolve that? - I noticed on the form that you say that you can "search and fix".

2. For listings that may require phone number verification (like Yelp for example), would you contact in advance to give the activation code? How much contact is given prior to such events?

Thanks in advance, and once again, very excited to hear about your new service. The Local Citation Finder is Ace! :D
Hey Nick,

1) As we work through our lists of sites, we always check to see if the client is listed already. If they are, then we'll check to see if the info is correct/complete. If there is an opportunity to correct or enhance the info, then we'll try to do that, and it will count as one of your citations.

2) We won't do any sites that require phone verification. There is way too much extra time required to try and coordinate that kind of activity with the clients. Can't afford to spend time on that at only $3/citation. If the site requires phone verification, it's not on our lists.

Both of these questions are covered on our "how we build" and FAQ pages. For more, see:
Whitespark Citation Building Submission Service
Whitespark Citation Building Submission Service

Hope this helps.

Thanks Darren, that's very helpful.

Yes, completely agree about the phone verification listings - that requires a lot more hassle and client interaction!

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