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Also, has anyone figured out how to report a location closed or moved? I have two listing on Yahoo that have moved and now they are showing both the new and old locations...

Yahoo, you make me so sad...
I didn't know this conversation was still going on as the email updates haven't been getting to me for this thread for some reason.

We've done a decent amount of testing and I have zero confidence that this free service from Yext actually works, at least for claiming. When you go through the process to submit your business, it never tries to match your listing with an already existing listing.

Now, it may allow you to submit but even then I am skeptical.
Hi every one and thanks for great ideas here,
I see all of your discussion here but I have a problem with a merchant verified listing on Yahoo Local.
Yext does not manage it because it is already verified. They say I should contact Yahoo or YP first to release its verification.
Yahoo has left no way that we contact them. No email, no phone number,... and when I contact YP and tell them that Yahoo has said in its help center that if a listing is powered by another site we contact that site, they say no this is Yahoo who should take action.
I also called AaBaco to see if they can manage the listing or not. But they had the idea of Yext, they say as long as it is verified we can not work on it.
If they delete the listing I would be happy too. But no one does nothing.
What do you suggest me?
I suspect that Google has some kind of internal metric for the quality of its data sources, based on the integrity if the data they find there. As time goes on with Yahoo not giving owners a chance to change and update their data, they're going to end up with hundreds of thousands of incorrect live listings, and you know that Google sees that. I have nothing to base this on, but I strongly suspect that Google's already got Yahoo weighted as being a bad directory with poor quality data. Do your best to be thorough when doing your citation work, but at the end of the day... the less able you are to change it, the less likely it was super important anyway. I'm surprised to see a big name like Yahoo! Local go down the tube like this, but just because it's a big name doesn't mean it's exempt from dropping the ball in Google's eyes. If anyone does have a good solution, then by all means do it... but in the meantime, an hour more spent beating your head against this here is going to be far less productive than an hour spent on the huge pile of other local SEO work I know you've got for the client. 80/20 rule and all that.
Hmmm, I see. But I hoped I could manage it for satisfaction of my client.
Thanks you very much James.
Thanks. I searched the business name on express update but it did not exist there. Actually, on the listing page it is mentioned that it is in Affiliation with YP. But YP says Yahoo should solve this issue and it has nothing to do with them :(
Yea, Yahoo gets data from Yellowpages, (also Expressupdate and Yelp). So make sure your info is correct on those. For Expressupdate you need to search with the phone number, not the business name. For Yellowpages if it is a listing you can't claim you can call support and get help and then that will hopefully feed Yahoo. Give it time, like a couple months - and that's about all you can do at the moment.
And also make sure when you search ExpressUpdate that you search your number without formatting. So if your number is (123) 456-7890 then search in ExpressUpdate 1234567890. Believe it or not if you don't search that way you'll miss it.

Also, with Yellowpages you just really need to change your Yellowpages listing that corresponds with the Yahoo listing. Once you do that give it a few months like Broland said.

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