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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey All,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I know this is a rarely discussed local platform but I just wanted to notify everyone that some members on our team (Evan Entler, Josh Volk, and Alex Cordes) have found (what we hope) is a glitch with Yahoo Local listings being irrationally removed from accounts.

Please reference the screenshot below:


We have checked this across a large amount of Yahoo accounts and the local listings have seemingly disappeared in all of them. However, they are still showing on Yahoo Maps. Therefore, we hope this is just a 'glitch' or 'bug' with Yahoo right now.

If anyone is seeing different please let us know. As always, I appreciate everyone's feedback and insight.

Thanks again,

Wowza! I'm seeing the same thing.

Hopefully a bug.

Thanks for the heads up.
Whoa! Thanks for letting us know Matt.

I never deal with Yahoo, so in Google language, are you saying the listings are missing in the dashboard - just plain gone? But the listings are still live?
In Google language that's exactly right, Linda.

I just received this message from Yahoo:

"Sorry for the confusion Colan, we do actually have an issue impacting our Marketing Dashboard customers. When customers log in their My Businesses page is showing No Businesses. This is an issue we are aware of and are currently working to resolve. Updates to this issue will be posted on the page."

Looks like a bug.
Sorry for the delay. But yes, Linda, you are exactly right. Looks like Colan's on the ball! Thanks for sharing the update and dialogue you had with Yahoo!
Everything seems to be back to normal in the Yahoo Local Dash.

Is everything back to normal on your end?
Hey Colan,

Thanks for the follow up, everything is back to normal over here as well! Thanks again!

Hi All!

I have seen this happen to one of my clients as well. However it seems like all of Yahoo! Local is down now as far as the dashboard goes? I've tried logging into a a few of my clients' accounts and each time I click on My Businesses in the dashboard, I get a "The page cannot be displayed" and that it is currently unavailable.

It seems like Yahoo! Local has reverted back to the old dashboard when you are here: Yahoo! Local Features Overview. When you click on Local Listing Account Center (what is My Businesses in the new dashboard), you are sent to the page that cannot be displayed.

Most likely a bug in the system...not sure if this has anything to do with the missing local listings either. Wanted to see if anybody else was experiencing this.

Nice catch. Yes, looks like another bug.

I'll see if I can find anything out.
My team has just run into this same problem. The OP said all had returned to normal. Is anyone still having this issue?
Hi John,

I was just going to respond to this thread today. Our team has noticed that the listings have disappeared again in the Yahoo Marketing Dashboard.

We first noticed this on Thursday of last week (February 7th, 2013) and are still seeing the problem persist. Also, it is interesting to note that when trying to add a listing to an account (that was previously claimed and showing in the dashboard), this message will appear:


Therefore, it is almost as if the dashboard recognizes that the listing is still 'in the dashboard', just not showing. I am assuming this is another bug as it was the first time around.

Has anyone else noticed this happening yet again?


We are having similar problems with Yahoo as well.

I filled out my information and sent out a pin mailer Jan. 21 and now when I try to log in to resend my mailer again since it expired, it says that my business listing is no longer there. I log in as usual with my email and password and it says

There are no businesses associated with your account. Add one now.

So, on Friday I tried to put in my information again and when I got to the final steps to verify it said that the same listing with the same information already existed in the system and if I moved forward I could be locked out.

I am confused as to why it says there is no business listed under my account yet when I get to the complete stage of adding it again it says there is already one in the system.

Othe rmembers of my team are trying to resend a verification code and he gets a message that says we have to wait 60 before making another request - first time we are seeing that message.

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