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Jun 28, 2012
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WOW Yelp is just whacking companies that use dishonest tactics and outing them in even bigger more obvious ways now.

Good for them, hope it sends a strong message and helps curb the review crud that's out there.

<a href="">Consumer Protection Initiative Uncovers Shady Group of Movers</a>

Blame 'em and Shame 'em!


H/t to Max Minzer on G+ who wrote in part:

Yelp just took review manipulation alerts to another level for mass and extensive manipulation. Now hiding reviews and displaying a "Reputation Warning" alert and evidence on deceptive listings.

I say "Go, Yelp!"
Google is doing nothing about review manipulation.

Margaret Ormsby at the Google Plus for Small Business G+ Community wrote:

Yelp sticks to their guns and has upped the ante on fake reviews, particularly on selected moving companies. If they do it for this group of companies, they'll do it to more.

Hopefully they will be do a genuine job of investigating businesses before they throw up the deceptive behaviour warning. Otherwise this will become just another way to manipulate reviews and harm good businesses.

What say ye???
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