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Sep 14, 2016
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I was asked to post this by Barry Schwartz after initially sending it to him.

I've never seen this before or heard chatter about it - 4 paid ads plus 4 organic results above the local map, putting the map halfway down the page.

This was a search for 'air duct mold removal' from Richardson, TX (Dallas suburb).

Obviously this could have a very big impact on local SEO. Anyone able to replicate it?


I think these are rare but still possible. I don't anticipate you'll find many of them.
What's interesting is I searched 'air duct mold removal' later in the day and had a page returned with just paids ads and organic results (no local map), then later searched and had a page with organic results and an answer box at the top (again no local map).
I've been seeing this happening more and more recently where the 3-pack is either in the middle of the bottom of the page for some keywords.

I just tested your 'air duct mold removal' keyword and a 2-pack appeared at the bottom of the SERPs:

FireShot Capture 1 - air duct mold removal - Google Search_ -

Not sure if this Google is doing some testing in my region, but I'll let you guys know if i start to see this more widespread and post some additional screenshots.

FireShot Capture 1 - air duct mold removal - Google Search_ -
We typically see this when there aren't a lot of results for maps or the results that do exist aren't very strong entities.

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