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Aug 27, 2019
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Hi there,

A client of mine is reopening today after a lockdown so I checked their account to end the temporary closure.

When I searched for their business in Google search to check they were visible, a very old version of the listing from over a year ago was displayed.

There are now 2 listings for the same business within my GMB dashboard, which there never has been before and certainly wasn't on Google search itself.

The old listing which has appeared, is in the state it was when I claimed and took the account over about a year ago apart from the review count. Although all responses have been removed (Assuming these will reappear when listing is reinstated again).

What's more confusing is that the suspended listing in the dashboard is live and the verified listing (which is the correct one I want displayed) does not display on Google.

Has anybody had an issue like this before and what would be the best way of getting around this? Would I need to get the suspended listing reinstated and then merge the accounts? I am just concerned that it is going to delete images, product listings and posts that have been created over the past year.

I hope somebody can help with the above.

Many thanks

If the listing is suspended, this makes sense. I'd suggest submitting a reinstatement form and seeing if Google can merge the two.
Thanks for getting back to me Joy.

i'm confused where the other listing has come from. Looks as though they have a saved copy from prior to the claiming of the business.

Are you aware if something like this takes place at Google?
It's hard to say without actually looking at it but I would assume the listing has always existed but you never saw it show up because it was filtered.

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