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Aug 2, 2021
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I need to add the "located in" feature to a Google My Business page. I see the option as an edit, but I don't see the option when I go to the page using the account that is attached to the page. The reason I am asking is because I can't get the edit to stick when requesting it in Google, and I don't see an option with the account that manages the GMB page. Attached are two screenshots, showing my problem. Screenshot 2 is what I see when signed in to the Google My Business page, and screenshot 1 is the "request an edit" option when not logged into the account.

Screenshot 2.jpg

screenshot 1.jpg
Hi Jeff, I have experienced this to take up to 3 days to live and I have only used the suggest an edit while signed into my account that also manages my business profiles.
Yeah, it's literally not possible to actually add that info from the GBP dashboard. Be careful about it, though: I've found that removing it from a business that has moved can be annoyingly difficult!

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