Larry Linson

Jan 9, 2018
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Going through AHREFS for a client. We are trying to identify the backlinks for competitors who have a better URL Rating and Domain Rating. I am looked at one such competitor with UR and DR scores much better than my client. I see that this competitor apparently uses (to send her client's newsletter, perhaps) and she has many such links to constantcontact "archive" with very high URL rating (93). Does this say that having a constantcontact campaign of some kind helps with SEO?

Larry Linson

Jan 9, 2018
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Thanks Jim for your response. In looking at competitor backlinks I have sorted for those with high DRs - in this case constant contact with a DR of 93. How can I tell what backlinks are contributing to the target ulr's DR, as you are saying that constant contact is not a contributor to target url's high DR ?
Sep 26, 2017
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Great question! In my opinion, it could add some value but not much because anyone can do this. If you can focus on the local links that would help provide better results to better rank your clients, such as; high DA local/niche citations, local guest post opportunities, sponsorships, local directories (i.e chamber), etc.

Look at their backlink portfolio to see if you are seeing some of these types of backlinks, you want to look for patterns.

Hope that helps!

Larry Linson

Jan 9, 2018
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Thanks for your reply! I guess what I am saying is this. If I use ahrefs looking at the backlinks for my client's major competitors who are beating my client I see Google Plus account, I see Constant Contact with high DRs, I have to decide if in fact they are contributing to the competitors higher DR. Seems a quite "unscientific" to determine what is the reason the competitor has an edge.


Dec 12, 2013
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You really have to weed thru them one by one, and try to determine what is real and what is not. I have a few advertising agencies as partners, and they all get footer site links (website designed by xxxxx) and I tell my client that those don't count for much.

What I'm looking for when I see a competitor is any GOOD local listing source, or blog article, or something.

My gut feeling is, for most local businesses, the ahrefs, semrush, and moz tools, or any link tool just aren't comprehensive enough. . . it just isn't telling the story, because just a few good links could make a difference, and it could come from a really small local site that they just don't find.
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