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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, local Tailor here is ranking in local pack in his immediate area for his top kw's yet hardly getting any calls. He has perfect 5 star rating with 40+ reviews. This doesn't seem to be a high competition or high in demand niche. His last monthly report showed only 55 web visits, when I look at his competitors, highest visits I found was 230.

I think he needs better kw's research as some his kw's is not what someone searching for custom work will type, please see attached screenshot of the kw's showing in his profile page.

If I were to search for his services which is tailoring, I would type on google words like 'tailoring near me" or "clothing alterations near me" e.t.c, Of course all I would need to do is type the word tailor and the near me option will show, same as with clothing alterations or custom clothing alterations.

This is a listing of the zip codes in my County.

Queens County, NY - New York ZIP Codes

We are in zip code 11420 and if I search in local serp checker for the adjoining zip code 11419 I type the word tailor or tailor near me he does not show up. So how can I cover all of the zip codes within a 20 mile radius please?

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 7.33.42 AM.jpg
Did you want to share the listing URL so we can take a look?

Funny, I immediately had you in particular in mind for this Colan since you're close by.

The full story is William is a costumer of mine for Mac repair and he trusts me. So he approached me telling me that he ended to contract with the SEO guy who did 4 months work for him and not getting the results he was hoping for.

We are both in the same zip code and when I do research here he is showing up in local pack for many kw's so I am not sure his SEO guy's strategy was not good, matter of fact he had to be doing something right for the results I am seeing.

William is a great guy and I would like to be able to help him but I do not want to take his money and not provide any better results which is why I am searching around first for any possible strategies which might make a difference.

My thinking is to first to do better kw research, make some adjustments to his site and try to increase his range outside of our zip code, do blogs and backlinks but again I won't take the man's money unless I first have a solid plan which might give better chances for his success.

Please see attached pic, his handle is Kleermaker Williams, will appreciate any and all advise from you pros here. We did not discuss budget but I don't see that he will be able to spend more than $400 monthly if that much.

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There is a lot wrong here. 1. This is a private residence without any visible signage. Google can suspend the business profile. 2. They are using the wrong category and should switch to tailor. 3. The name might be a turn-off as it doesn't convey a tailor-style business. 4. The website needs a major overhaul to attract the right business searches.
Agreed on all counts thank you. I had had asked him about a storefront which had said he cannot afford right now but if business should pickup then of course that is what he will do, also helps with visibility if on the main streets.

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