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Feb 25, 2014
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Hi guys,

While there's an older thread from a few years ago, I'm checking what the best method is for today. Here's that older thread; Reporting Virtual Office Abusers... - Local Search Forum

Essentially, if you "Suggest an Edit" and then select the option for "Remove This Place" there's no space to type what the issue is, and the dropdown list of items doesn't really cover it;
  • Permanently closed
  • Doesn't exist
  • Moved to a new location
  • Private place or home
  • Spam, fake, or offensive
  • Duplicate of another place
  • Copyright / legal violation
Out of the list, the "Spam, fake, or offensive" or "Doesn't exist" would probably fit the bill.

Does anyone have a preferred method in reporting virtual offices? Can't really submit a picture of something that's not there :)
I was wondering the same thing, there is no clear way to flag a virtual office. I recently flagged a few listings using "does not exist" and a screenshot showing the virtual office website at the same address of the listings as shown. It has been a few days and so far about a 50% success rate.
Oh redressals are (and have been) acted on within a few days to one week ever since Covid actually.

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