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Oct 22, 2019
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Hi SEO Fam,

So recently I have noticed when searching for certain queries it will trigger a little blue checkmark and next to it will be "provides: XX" which actually states the service you are searching for. Below will be an example:

the query was (driveway paver installation)

Anyone see this before or knows how does Google decide to trigger this?
@Santi1077, those have been around for a couple of years now. There's no official or agreed-upon name for them, but I and others have latched onto the term "justification" to refer to the blue icon (which sometimes is a check mark, but can be other symbols).

Those are most often based on Google's crawling of your site content, particularly of your GMB landing page URL. Other times a "justification" comes from a GMB post, or (most recently) from your filling out the GMB "services" section.
To add to Phil's answer, Google has also tested/implemented justifications from reviews, Q&A's and others. Here is a recent post by Barry Swartz on menu highlights and an older post from Brodie Clark.

This is a search for "hotels with jacuzzi in room and wifi". Google changes the icons you see in blue depending on the query. They are part of the "hotel attributes" section in GMB.

You can also see a justification pulled from the hotel's website page.

Sorry Joy, I think I did not explain myself correctly and I made it more confusing... I wanted to differentiate between the justifications and attributes (and point out that the icons/attributes can also change depending on the query). The text in the green box would be a justification and the blue checkbox would be the attributes.

In the case of hotels, there is no service section in GMB (unless they add other categories like spas, conference centres, restaurants, etc). The attributes are found in the Info section under "Hotel attributes".


and to confuse it even more, there is a services section within "hotel attributes" !!!!


and unfortunately, the women-led or black-owned attributes are not available for hotels, afaik.

I always take any opportunity to point out the differences that hotel listings have with respect to regular businesses... would love to know why hotel listings have so many restrictions and limitations 🤷‍♂️

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