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Jan 16, 2013
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We've made changes to a client's Google Local listing, but every time I press the "Verify Now" button, it takes me briefly to the map, then an error message: "Sorry we're having some issues at the moment. Please try again later."

This has been happening the past few days. Any suggestions?

Is it for a SAB?

I had this happen before and I ended just contacting support and they were able to verify it over the phone. I can't remember if the ones I had to do this for were SABs, but I definitely remember having the same issue.

I would just call support. They may have to call the business to verify some info, so you might want to make them aware of that call coming. Has always worked for me.
Yes, it's an excavating contractor. I'm a manager on the account, so I filled out a support request for an email response. We'll see what they say. Thanks, Scott.
If you don't hear back or get it resolved fairly quick, I would just call support. If you do, it would best to call them while you are logged in as the owner (in your case, their account since you're the manager).
They actually replied within a few hours and manually re-verified the listing. I'll know in 48 hours if it worked.
Does it also happen to a non SAB? I also have that same problem but its kinda weird because I have this business with 3 location and a GMB (all SAB). I only edited the website url for the 3 GMB page. Just that. But one location triggered verification. The other 2 did not and now live and the website url has been updated.

Just wondering why that happen?

Screenshots   Dropbox.jpg

Screenshots   Dropbox.jpg
It happens a lot. I see complaints on the G forum quite often. Sometimes you just have to try again later or clear cookies or try a different browser.
I dunno Linda. I tried Chrome and Firefox. I also used other PC (my client PC via Remote Desktop). But still having that problem. Will try to contact Google Support.
I'm having similar issue (well, I moved cities and need to change my URL to reflect the new city name). What is the number for support? I can't find anywhere. :mad:
I'm having similar issue (well, I moved cities and need to change my URL to reflect the new city name). What is the number for support? I can't find anywhere. :mad:

I don't think a GMB support rep will be able to help you edit your G+ URL. You should be able to update that by signing into the account where you manage/own the page, then navigate to the GMB listings about tab, and under the description of the business, choose edit next to the Google+ URL. See this screenshot -- 2015-05-01_1331 - ChristaMo's library

I've never called them with URL issues, so who knows, maybe they can! But, you cannot call Google, they will call you. Again, make sure you are signed into the corresponding account where the page is owned/managed, and use the below link.

In the top right hand corner, choose contact us. A full list of common problems will populate, so then choose which is most relative to your issue. There will be a request to call feature once you specify your the problem. You'll note where you're experiencing the issue, whether you are the business owner or an agency, then you'll be directed to a page where you will fill out your name, your number, the email account associated with the page in question (this will auto-populate based on what account you are already signed into), and then one you choose 'call me' you should receive a call within a minute or two.

Hope that helps!

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