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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi everyone!

One of our clients, Dores Dental (Longmeadow Dentist | Cosmetic & General Dentist | Dores Dental), shows up in top 3 in organic Google searches for "Longmeadow dentist".

However, we cannot seem to also get a Google balloon for this specific keyword. Does anything seem alarming when you look into this issue?

Let me know if you need additional info...I'm not 100% what you need!

Thanks in advance:)
Hi Janell,

Welcome and thanks for joining us.

Yes there is a problem on the maps side. He ranks #38 for dentist Longmeadow, MA behind Dentists that are not even in that city.

I see a couple potential problems. So will just start 2 and go from there.

1) How many listings are in the Places dashboard?

2) I found a problem that could be a bug so need log in and check a couple things.

Can you go to the screen where you would edit address and see if there is a zip code entered. Because there is NOT one on the live listing which is very odd.

3) IF the zip is there as it should be, did you or client manually ever set up a Google+ Business page and merge it with Places by verifying it? If so I need you to check the address edit screen in G+ and see of the zip is there.
Thanks so much for replying, Linda.

When logged into their Google+ business page under edit business info, there is no zip code. I tried adding it, saving it, and then clicking on edit business info again, but the zip code keeps getting deleted for some reason.

I checked their Places account. There are 3 listings:
1. Suspended
2. Suspended
3. Needs action status. I requested a postcard to get sent to the client right now.

Should I "remove display on google maps" for both suspended listings? They were suspended Places listings when they became a client of ours.
I've had that G+ bugginess with suite that would not stick and keeps getting deleted.

Do you know why the Places listing was "needs action"?

If it became unverified then it would affect ranking or maybe not rank.

Could wait for pin then see if after pinning the G+ dash will save zip. Or could just call support now and get help.

Having suspended listings in Places dash can mess you up a little now because even tho suspended they still can create extra G+ pages. Delete from maps won't cut. I'd delete from account but then watch for them, if different enough they can pop up as live dupes. Then you just need to get support to deal with them.
Hi Linda!

I contacted Google Places yesterday. They had me delete the suspended listings.

Also, in order to contact Google Maps, I had to "report a problem" with the listing. So that's what I did...I told them about the zip code problems but I'm still waiting for a response from Google regarding this matter.

I haven't noticed any changes in rankings in Google Maps so maybe they haven't fixed the problem yet!

Oh and as far as the Places listing showing as "needs action", it was because I requested a PIN postcard to be sent. However, the Google Places guy I spoke to said I don't have to worry about that because that client is using the OLD Google Places dashboard, but when you login to the client's Google+ business page, the business is verified....which makes everything good!

I'll keep you posted on the zip code issue though! Thanks again for your help!
Hi Linda! Great news.....I worked with Google on this issue and it's finally resolved. Once the zip code was able to be added to our Places dashboard, things turned around for us big time.

Thanks so much for pointing out the zip code issue. I really, really appreciate it!

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