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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm testing out a new hosting provider (managed WP hosting).

They don't allow access to the root folder of the domain- so I can't add the geositemap and kml files to the main dir.

If I create a subfolder and place these files, will they still work?
Good question Chris. I think so. Are you sure there is no way to access the root folder where WP is installed?
Nah. I'm trying out a new host- they specialize in managed WP hosting. They're called Flywheel Hosting.

Totally opposite of the big guys like HostGator and Godaddy.

I'm testing their service to see if it will save me time and headaches. Lately HostGator has had some major outages and they all the sudden decided to upgrade their server, so I had to scramble and update all of my clients' A records.

Managed WP hosting restricts their customers from using caching plugins, as well as backups like Backup Buddy (which worries me- it's one of my fav tools).

But they will take care of backups, malware protection, and update WP core.
If you have to put in subfolder use the trick I showed you in training for the KML file to help ensure Google finds it. I do that EVEN when it's in root. But if it's somewhere else I'd do for sure. (It's in the on-site SEO training.)

No point in even doing KML unless you take the extra steps to be sure you help her find it IMO. :p
HostGator has pooped the bed lately with their outages.

I've also noticed slow load times for a number of client sites.
Are you sure it's their problem with the slow load times? Did you diagnose with a speed test or anything?

Also, what hosting plan were you on with them?

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