Aug 7, 2013
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Thanks again to Phil for giving us these tips.

Top-3 Local SEO ?Content? Wins for People Who Hate to Write

You shudder at the thought of having to write content for your site or pay someone to write it until the day you sell your business or buy Depends.

Don?t get me wrong: writing and sharing your best info over a period of months or years can have enormous payoff. My post ?100 Practical Ideas for Small-Business Blog Posts? and its follow-up can help you on that.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Another great post for our new Local Content forum.

Can't wait to read Phil! Thanks for sharing Justin!


Mar 11, 2016
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Personally, I love writing. But I am unclear how these tips will help people that don't...

Sounds like you still do all the writing.

Am I missing something?

Seems like the article is saying, "Don't like to write? Here is what you should write first."

It does not seem to follow.

I would say that if anyone out there has solved this issue in their personal life, there is definitely ground to cover with your own article on the topic. (Free idea for a struggling content creator out there.)
Mar 15, 2016
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I hear where you're coming from, in that, if you hate to write, any tips that involve writing won't solve that problem. I think the goal of Phil's article is to take those first steps in writing by tackling the 'low hanging fruit' opportunities.

Copywriting for a website or a business listing is very different than writing a blog post.

I feel like the main challenge of copywriting is keeping the content clear and easy to understand, while writing a blog post tends to allow for more extrapolation and detail (though the goal is still to create clear and helpful content).

Everyone needs to write in some capacity, no matter their job or industry. But that doesn't make it any less painful for those who don't write frequently.

Since conversational copy and blog posting has become popular for many industries, my advice for people who hate to write would be to set up an audio recording device. Know your topic, let the train of thought run rampant, and then transcribe the results. It will be easier for people to have that first block of writing out there to add and edit to.

I realize this advice doesn't apply to you since you love to write, but hopefully it can help someone who hates it.
Oct 25, 2013
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I think for some industries, there's a ton of amazing ways to get yourself out there without writing... and that writing in and of itself is even the obvious, lazy choice that misses the real opportunity.

I've been getting into the photography industry lately, and there's a ton of awesome backlink opportunities there that revolve around their photography as content, which makes obvious sense, but I suspect that could be extrapolated out to other industries too. An obvious one that comes to mind is kitchen remodels. If you have a competent photographer coming twice per job (once at the beginning, once at the end) for a moderate investment and the knowledge of how to leverage it, you could turn work you're already doing into something that could have a lot of legs. I don't know anything about the remodel industry, but I know if I had a client doing that I'd at least take the time to explore those avenues, and see if I could find any high ranking companies in the nationally highest competition cities that have gotten some traction that way already.

So... most business owners are already in the business of creating content. Their knowledge of their industry is only one asset to be leveraged... sometimes some creativity and digging into what the competition is doing can reveal some cool ideas that have nothing to do with guest posting or blogging or any kind of writing at all.
Mar 15, 2016
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I definitely agree James. Video is the new black. I mean, video and visual content in general are starting to have more value in general than just blog posts. And since video is 'harder to do' for most people, if that's a medium you're comfortable in, then more power to you! You're ahead of the curve. I'm excited to start doing some video content for

That being said, writing still is an essential skill to have. I don't think you can completely avoid writing by only producing video content, but there are Youtube superstars out there proving me wrong every day.
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