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Sorry Margaret, I can't even get that query to produce a local pack, even trying with a few of the tools that are supposed to simulate searches being conducted locally to Gardena
Yep, that did work for me, I can reproduce those results. That's gotta be frustrating.

That company's website is sure "different", by the way. Not my cup of tea, that's for sure.

First of all, I had no idea that "wonderwoman" on this forum was you!!! lol! I feel enlightened :)

Are you trying to get rid of these dups? I only get a 1-box when I search but I do see they have more than 1 listing. They are also both verified:

Google Map Maker
Google Map Maker

Dental Studio gardena   Google Search.jpg

Dental Studio gardena   Google Search.jpg
It's not my customer, so I'm not specifically trying to sort the situation out. Tripped across it from a question in G support forum.

Posted the links here in this forum as I'm wondering if the issue is widespread or isolated.

Joy, you have me wondering now if I should change my moniker - kinda got used to being ww here...

Linda, you crack me up!

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